118 Years Ago


The Sierra #3 started out life as the Prescott and Arizona Central #3, the W.N.Kelley.  Thomas Bullock, one of the founding owners of the Sierra Railway, brought the W.N. Kelley to Jamestown in 1897, along with two other locomotives recycled from his failed enterprize in Arizona.  The Sierra No. 1 and Sierra No. 2 are long gone, but the No. 3 it has been here ever since.

Built by the Rogers Locomotive and Machine Works in 1891, this locomotive was one of over 6,100 built by that company prior to its transformation to an ALCO plant in 1901 (when the name was changed to the Rogers Locomotive Works). 

Today there are only 14 known Rogers Locomotives in existance, and only 4, (if you include the Sierra #3) are operational.  In fact, the Sierra #3 is the only operational, pre-ALCO Rogers locomotive in the USA.

The No. 3 last ran in 1996.  In February of 2008, work began on a major restoration of the Sierra No. 3 with the goal of returning it to full operation.  This work is being funded by the California State Railroad Museum Foundation, with grants from the California Cultural and Historical Endowment, the Sonora Area Foundation, the Irving J. Symons Foundation and others.