Shay to be Season Opener



It’s official.  The Railtown’s Shay #2 will be pulling the trains this weekend.

During the final round of inspections on the Sierra #28, some corrosion was discovered on the crownsheet staybolts.  These are the large bolts that go through the boiler, holding it to the firebox.  Because it is difficult to assess the thickness in this area, staff needs time to carefully inspect prior to the official FRA inspection. 

We’ve had paid and volunteer staff working to get the Shay ready to run for much of the the Tuesday work days over the past year.  Since it was so close to operating condition, and had a recent FRA inspection itself, it was decided to focus all of our attention to get it up and running, and buy us some time to work on the 28.  This will be the first time the #2 has been at the head of the train in 5 years. 

Although geared locomotives are not that common in the eastern part of the US, they were used extensively in the west, where their unique design was a real asset on the steep and curving tracks of the logging railroads.  Their geared wheels are amazing to see in action.  Come down and see for yourself!

Trains leave on the hour from 11-3, every weekend!