New Center Plate Installed on Shay #2

Last week, the center plate on the #2 was welded to the center casting, by volunteer Rick Willson. 
On Tuesday, a full crew of willing volunteers were able hoist the part into position, and bolt it into place.  The processes sounds simple, but involved creation of a custom lift to assist in moving the heavy piece into position. 
Then the center truck and corresponding part were rolled into the roundhouse and fitted to the plate. 
We still need to make other adjustments to suspension, reassemble driveline, and final assembly and inspection.
This week brought additional challenges as key staff were diverted to the Sierra #3 project.  That’s the challenge with working simultaneously on 3 steam locomotives (not to mention the diesels) with limited staffing resources! 
Thanks to the hardworking paid and volunteer staff, we’ll have steam again soon!
Ron and Joe guide the new centerplate into position.

Ron and Joe guide the new centerplate into position.Volunteers Kevin and Joe inspect the new centerplate.

Volunteers Ken and roll center truck into place.

Volunteer Ken and Restoration Worker Al Di Paulo roll center truck into place.
Center truck being rolled into place.  

Center truck finally into place.