Railtown Shops- This Week

There is lots of activity planned for the shops this week, its a great time to come and see the historic trades required in the maintenance and operation of a steam locomotive. 

On Tuesday, Wednesday (and probably Thursday and Friday, too) paid and Volunteer staff will be installing the drive shaft on the Shay, repairing the tender, and completing other necessary maintenance in preparation to run this weekend.

Also this week, Restoration Lead Worker George Sapp will be completing the 92-day inspection on the 613 Diesel, which is parked in front of the roundhouse. 

On Tuesday the 30th, we have plans for some yard switching, pending staff availability and warrants.

In the Tri  Dam (not visible to the public), paid and volunteer staff are disasembling, cleaning and priming the tender trucks for the #3, in preparation for assembly in the next couple of weeks.

Roundhouse tours are available every day!

Come down and see what is happening in the shops!