Fabrication of New Furnace Bearers

The problem was how to bend the plates of 5/8″ thick steel  exactly where we wanted it.  After some colorful discussions and several sketches on lunch bags and knapkins,  ace designer and fabricator Leonard Jones built a jig for the bending operation using a few pieces of steel and a handy 350 ton hydraulic press.  We decided to give it a try.
5/8" steel plate for furnace bearers.

5/8" thick steel plate for fabricating new furnace bearers. These had been sheared to approximately 16 by 16 inches.


Leonard Jones with hydraulic press and bending jig.

Leonard staging the plates prior to the bending operation. Forklifts make handy work stands!

Al Dipaolo heating

To ensure that the plates wouldn't resist our efforts to bend them, the plates were heated to a dull red with a Mapp gas torch. Al Dipaolo heating.

Sliding the heated plate into place

Sliding the heated plate into place


Down comes the press...

Coming down

Almost there.

In production

In full production. Notice completed plates to the right rear.