Join Our Team! Great Volunteers Wanted.

Since Railtown became part of the California State Park System, in the early 1980s, volunteers have been essential to the success of the park.  Every aspect of our operation is dependent upon our skilled and dedicated volunteer crew.  In 2009, volunteers have contributed over 24,000 hours of their time!

You could be one of our great volunteers!  Volunteering is good for your health (many studies show that volunteering actually contributes to longer life!), gives you a good feeling for contributing to your community, provides an opportunity to meet new people, and learn new skills. 

We are seeking volunteers for several positions, including Tour Guides, Car Hosts, Fire Chase (entry level engine crew), and park greeters.  Depending upon your skills and experience, you may be a good candidate for our Tuesday work crew, Special Event planning, Diesel Maintenance, or other projects. 

Applications are now being accepted for our March Training.  You can also contact our volunteer, Dave Rainwater at, or 209-984-4408. 

On February 20th, we’ll be having a Volunteer Open House from 10-1, and you can come see for yourself, all that Railtown has to offer!
Just a few of our great volunteers, at work recently.

Just a few of our great volunteers, at work recently.