Distributing Steam

Bob & George

Bob and George inspect the distribution pipes (and old copper rings used as shims) before remachining.

The distribution pipes attach to the wye pipe (essentially a splitter) and distribute the steam from dry pipe in the boiler to the cylinders.  As part of the new boiler, we also have a new dry pipe.  The surfaces of the distribution pipes and the wye pipe required smoothing in order to fit tightly.  New pipe rings were also necessary to ensure a perfect fit.

Bob & George

George helps Bob push the distribution pipe into place on the Cinncinnati mill.

Finished surface

Finished surface

DJ and Bob

DJ hands the joint ring to Bob after giving it a quick fit test. The joint ring acts as a seal between the wye and the pipe.

Norm and DJ

Norm and DJ in the smokebox, prepare the dry pipe flange for wye pipe attachment.

Next week:  Final installation of the distribution pipes!