Jacket Planning

Last week, before the lagging was installed, Steve Verver, from Brown’s Sheet Metal in Oakdale, took measurements for the construction of the jacket.  This week, he was out for the final measurements over the lagging, and is now in the process of constructing the jacket.

Since 1989, the locomotive has been wearing a jacket that was constructed for filming Back to the Future III.  Because it was constructed with modern methods (pop-rivets and sheet metal screws), and thin gauge, it is being replaced.

An earlier jacket for the Sierra #3 (most likely not the original), is preserved on site, so it was used as a reference, in addition to historic photographs.  It was particularly helpful for locating the placement of the rivet line, instead of scaling off of old photos.  It was not used as a direct pattern, because of minor differences in the placement of the domes on the new boiler.

steve and george

Steve and George discuss jacket fabrication


George and Steve consult historic photos for clues.


Old boiler jacket laid out on ground.

Old coffee sign used in construction of jacket, lettering can be seen.

Another old sign can be seen in this part.

Another old sign can be seen here.