A Beautiful Day for Wildflowers and Trains


Beautiful green hills, and flower redolent swales line the route this time of year.

After an unseasonably wet spring, the Wildflower Train at Railtown departed today at 4:30 PM, after a brief presentation by Park Rangers from nearby New Melones Reservoir.  Although the route taken was the same as the usual run, the focus of the crowd, and the crew was wildflowers!  That, and the later departure imbued a special atmosphere to the trip.  Passengers were not disappointed with the showing of wildflowers, and the beautiful day.  The second, and final, Wildflower Train of the season is scheduled for next Saturday, May 1st. Advanced reservations are highly recommended, as today’s train sold out.  They can be obtained by calling 209-984-3956.

Volunteer Shirley hands out seed packets on the train.

Volunteer Shirley hands out seed packets on the train.
wildflower train

Volunteer Mike and New Melones Ranger chat with visitors.


More foothill scenery.


Fiddlenecks in foreground as passengers de-train to spread poppy seeds.