Tickets on Sale Now for Future Rides on Sierra No. 3

Tickets are now on sale for all 2010 Sierra No. 3 Excursion Rides, which include August 7 &  8, September 4 & 5, and October 2 & 3.  On each day, regular excursion trains leave the station at 11, 12, 1  & 2.  Sometime around noon the Sierra No. 3 will emerge and be on display, until the 3 & 4:30 PM excursions leave the station, pulled by the Sierra No. 3.  These rides will include a stop, a photo run-by, and refreshments will be served on-board.  Space is limited, and advanced tickets are strongly recommended, and are available online at .  Any available tickets will be sold on the day of the event, at Railtown. 
Currently, the maintenance work continues in the shops at Railtown, and can be observed in the Roundhouse during normal operating hours.  In addition to routine repair and maintenance to some of our historic cars, the Sierra No. 3 is also receiving some attention to repair a failed bolt at the connection between the distribution pipe and the valve chests (see photos).  The distribution pipes, which are made of cast iron, convey the steam from the boiler to the valve chests (to the pistons).  Even the slightest leak at this joint can result in a loss of power, which was what was experienced on the final run of the 4th of July weekend.  A cursory inspection immediately revealed the problem.  It also marked the transition from restoration to routine maintenance, which is constant in any roundhouse where steam locomotives are in service!  This is a relatively quick repair. 

This is the head-on view into the front of the locomotive (smoke box) with the front door removed. The curved pipes coming down from either side are the steam distribution pipes, which feed the valve chests, which in turn feed the pistons. They are sealed with a machined ball seal, and secured with bolts.