Whistle (while you) Work

The Sierra No. 3 ran on time last year, but there were a few minor details we had to defer.  For example, replacing the water delivery lines to the injector, which were getting very thin in places.  And repairing the whistle.

The iconic whistle from the No. 3, has become raspy over time.  The top is a cast iron five chime whistle, of unknown origin, with a brass base.  The original seat was cast integral with the base, and had become worn over time, as had the valve. 

Our crack team of locomotive artisans (Tony and Joe) got to work over the winter, and a new valve seat and valve were machined and inserted, restoring the “voice of High Noon”.  The locomotive was steamed up today, and we took the opportunity to put it though its paces.  Beautiful!  Hear it for yourself this season. 

Sierra No. 3 Whistle

Cast Iron 5 chime whistle, valve, pins and lever


The original valve was cast, the replica is machined bronze.

top view

Top view of whistle, with casting number "2557"

bottom view

Base of the whistle (where it attaches). The original seat was worn, so it was machined out and a new seat pressed in.


The whistle in position on top of steam dome (whistle is on the left--in the steam, safety valve is on the right)

To see a video of the new whistle, see the Railtown facebook page.

The first official opportunity to ride the Sierra No. 3 this season will be Sunday, April 10th on the hour from 11-3, regular ticket prices apply.  Tickets sold at the window on the day of excursion.