Oil Cup Covers for the No. 3

Like all bearings on the locomotive, the crosshead guides require lubrication.  An oil cup is mounted on the top of each crosshead, and slowly releases oil during operation.  The cup is covered with a brass cap to keep the oil from sloshing out.

While it is difficult to see in this old photo, the oil cup covers in the past have been different than the ones found on the locomotive today. As with many parts, they were interchangable with other locomotives in the roundhouse over the years.

If you look closely, inside the circle, you can see one of the oil caps that was used on the No. 3 for many years– an old, beat-up, thermos cup.

Examples of this type of ingenuity can be found throughout the shops, but we thought the No. 3 deserved better.


Volunteer Machinist Tony Stroud duplicated one of the old oil cap covers to replace the thermos cup. In his hands are the oil cup (left) and the new cover.


Ta Da! Matching oil cup covers.