Sierra No. 28 Repair Project- Getting Started

No. 2 Shay on the turntable

No. 2 Shay on the turntable with the Plymouth

In preparation to begin work on the Sierra No. 28, the work space needed to be prepared.  Our goal is to be able to have visitors observe the work as it progresses, in the historic roundhouse.  It was decided to switch the Shay No. 2 with the No. 28, because there is an excellent viewing area in front of stall 2, and there is more work space on either side.  The challenge was how to move the two locomotives.  Neither is able to move on its own power, so whatever is used to pull the locomotive out of the stall, must also be able to fit on the turntable with it.  The only option was our little Plymouth yard mule.  But would it fit?  And was it powerful enough to pull the Shay and its tender?

The little Plymouth that could-- barely fits on the turntable with the locomotive and tender!  Tight squeeze.

Tight squeeze.

With some huffin’ and puffin’ and ‘I think I can’ attitude, the switcher was able to pull the Shay No. 2 onto the turntable.

No. 28, tender removed,  being pulled out of its stall by "the little engine that could"

The Sierra No. 28 was a bit simpler– the removal of the tender reduced the length.  It was pulled out of the roundhouse. . .

Sierra No. 28 on the turntable, Plymouth waiting

Turned on the turntable. . .

Sierra No. 28 returning to the roundhouse, facing outwards.  Tender outside.

Then pushed back  into the roundhouse, in stall 2.  With the tender stored outside, this is where it will sit for the next 10 months.

2013 August 366

And now park visitors (like you!) can see the work up close as it progresses.  For a detailed look at the work, join us every Tuesday at 10AM for a Behind-the-Scenes Shop Tour.



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