This Weekend at Railtown (April 16th & 17th)

Wildflower Train on Saturday!

Saturday April 16th, we will be running our hard-working Shay, No. 2, with trains at 11, 12, 1 2 & 3. 

With the beautiful weather, our consist will be:  The 599 & 597 open cars, and the 14, closed car.  The 597 & 599 are former Canadian Pacific cars, built in 1914, and the 14 car is a former Southern Pacific Pullman “Suburban” built in 1923.

At 4:30, our final Wildflower Train of the season departs with park rangers from New Melones on board to intepret the wildflowers of the region.  There are two planned photo run-bys as part of this train, which give visitors an opportunity for an intimate view of wildflowers, and experience the Shay No. 2 side gears, in action and close-up.  Tickets are on sale at online until midnight Friday, or at the window on Saturday.

Diesel 1265

On Sunday, we’ll be running our fuel-sipping, 1952, Ex-Army Diesel 1265 (nicknamed “Rosebud” by the crew).  This locomotive came from the Rivebank Ammo Plant in 2006, and was brought back into service and painted last year by volunteers at the park.  It will be pulling the same consist as Saturday.

Also on Sunday, a private motorcar club, Motorcar Operators West, will be running from Oakdale to Jamestown, using the turntable and stopping over for the afternoon before their return trip.  They are scheduled to arrive around 10:30 AM, departing  just prior to our 2PM train.  This is a great opportunity to see over 30 unique motorcars (track maintenance vehicles used prior to the advent of the hi-rail truck), and see the turntable in action. 

2009 Motorcar Day

As always, don’t forget to come out and see the locomotive as it is brought out of the roundhouse and on to the turntable on Saturday morning around 9:30, and when it is “put to bed” right after the last train of the day. 

See you at the park!

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